Shine Slay

Our Sunbeds

We’re known around DFW for having one of the widest selections of the latest—and cleanest!—sunbeds. Here’s a preview by membership level. Sunbed equipment availability and maximum exposure times may vary by location.*

Diamond Prism

The ultimate experience for the ultimate tan, four light spectrums for a mix of bronzing UV and skin-nourishing LED. Plus aromatherapy, refreshing mist, air conditioning, comfy ergonomic design, concert-quality sound system and more.

Diamond Prism<sup>™</sup> Sunbed


Minimum exposure and maximum bronzing; includes additional options like aromatherapy, body misters, air-conditioning and more.

Diamond<sup>®</sup> Sunbed}}


Deep-bronzed glow, and luxurious features such as body-contour acrylics, air-conditioning, premium sound systems and more.

Platinum<sup>™</sup> Sunbed}}


Premium beds that darken skin with shorter tan times.

Gold Sunbed}}


Build your perfect base tan with next-level sunbeds.

Silver Sunbed}}

So Fresh & So Clean

We use FDA-approved cleaning and disinfecting solutions after every tanning session. Yep, EVERY single session.

And Sooo High Maintenance

We also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular bulb replacement to make sure you get the the best possible bronzing results.