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Sunless Tanning

Yay for spray! There’s so much to love about spray tanning. It’s customizable, cosmetic color that goes all over in less than 5 minutes for a flawlessly even, radiant glow.

What to Expect

It takes less than 5 minutes to get a spray tan.

An automated spray booth applies a fine mist of DHA (dihydroxyacetone) — a colorless, natural, plant-derived ingredient — all over your body which interacts with your skin to develop a tan. Learn more about DHA

It’s important to know that a spray tan is cosmetic only and does not include sunscreen.

5 minutes to spray tan

2 to 4 poses in the booth

4 to 6 hours until fully developed

up to 7 days of a gorgeous all-over glow

Our Spray Booths

Check out our sunless tanning systems and exclusive Premier Collection® solutions.

Perks of Personalization

This is not a “one spray fits all” situation. Nearly everything about spray tanning can be customized to meet your #tangoals. Our Tanning Consultants are on-hand and happy to help every step of the way.

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Spray Tanning Tips

The truth about spray tanning.

Available options will depend on the system.


Select your shade.

Choose from light, medium, dark, or dark+.


Boost with bronzer.

Get instant color that layers in undertones that take you from a warm glow to a deep exotic tan.


Pick a scent.

Enhance your experience and — bonus! — smell great, too.


Add an accelerator.

Cut your development time and get darker, more even results.


Focus on specific features.

Tan your face only, your legs only or do an extra pass on your legs to help them stay tan longer.


Turn up the heat.

Choose heated drying to stay warm and set fast.

Tanning for a Special Occasion?

Spray one or two days before the event, time for the tan to set and look its natural best.

Bronzer products: bottles of Amethyst and Topaz

Premier Collection Bronzers

Choose from six different tones to customize your shade.

Fragrance products: bottles of Sunsational and Breeze

Premier Collection Fragrances

Create a scent that’s unapologetically you with one of eight different fragrances.

Specialty products: bottles of Rapid Enhance and Color Stay


Add a little something special to your spray tan with one of our specialty products.