Sunbed Tanning Products

Scarlet Premier Collection®

Can skincare be seductive? Let there be no doubt. With fierce, edgy ingredients, sultry Scarlet will take your tan all the way for scandalously dark color that never fails to captivate and excite.

Facial Intensifier

1 oz. | A featherlight DHA and bronzer free facial blend that veils skin in softness for a virtually poreless, lustrous complexion.


8.5 oz. | Stimulate your melanin production and safeguard your beautiful body art with Scarlet’s exclusive Ink-hancing Tattoo Shield.


8.5 oz. | You want instant color gratification, and this brazenly dark bronzing blend gives it to you.


16 oz. | Entice your tan into staying longer and deepening over time into a bombshell bronzed glow that just won’t quit.

Emerald Premier Collection®

Look fab from every facet with this brilliant collection. Made with real emerald for its energizing qualities and skin-polishing benefits, it’s sunbed skincare at its most opulent.


7 oz. | Want to add dimension to your dark? Start with a potent tan intensifier that promotes deep, natural-looking, hydrated color.

Facial Bronzer

1 oz. | Exquisite skin brightening and radiance is yours thanks to this refreshing, revitalizing bronzing blend, specially created for delicate facial skin.


7 oz. | Emerald’s exclusive Black Emerald Bronzing Matrix creates a gorgeously dark, richly decadent bronzed glow.

After Tan Extender

16 oz. | Pamper yourself with this tan enhancing hydrator that’s enriched with delayed bronzers for a perfected, long-lasting glow.

Midnight Premier Collection®

When it gets dark, do you light up? Then this leading-edge collection just might be your fave.

After Tan Extender

16 oz. | Keep your tan going without it ever seeing the light of day (if that's your thing).

Dark Intensifier

8.5 oz./.57 oz. | Apply this luxurious, lightweight blend before tanning for deeper color and silky smooth skin.

Facial Bronzer

1 oz. | Natural bronzers give you an instant radiance, while a lightweight blend of moisturizers evens skin tone.

Luxe Body Wash

16 oz. | Extend your tan super naturally with this sulfate-free, paraben-free sensually scented cleansing blend.

Noir Black Bronzer

8.5 oz./.57 oz. | Don't be afraid of the dark. Get a decadently deep tan with this potent 60X bronzing blend.

Platinum Premier Collection®

Living up to its name, this collection is a sunbed best-seller—mainly because it isn’t just great tanning, it’s also exceptional skincare. The line’s exclusive micro-nutrient skin perfecting complex (science, amirite?) reduces fine lines and improves tone for a youthful, all-over radiance.

Tan Extending Moisturizer

16 oz. | Rich, hydrating body lotion boosts the natural tanning process to help maintain your tan longer.


8.5 oz./.5 oz. | Prep skin for deep, dark color with an enriched blend of melanin-activating peptides.

Black Bronzer

8.5 oz./.5 oz. | Instantly dark color that continues to deepen after UV exposure.

Facial Bronzer

1 oz. | Lightweight dark tanning crème + age-defying complex = sheer perfection.

Sunless Tanning Products

Sunsational Collection®

This fun and fab sunless collection is good vibes only — simultaneously helping you achieve vibrant color while nourishing your skin. And the bright, citrusy scent? Pure sunshine for the body and mind. Soak it in.

Body Exfoliant

6 oz. | A natural blend of pumice, quartz, volcanic ash and walnut shell preps skin for sunless tanning.

Purple Priming Mist

5.8 oz. | Purple colorants from wild indigo and açai help naturally balance skin tone to encourage orange-free results.

Self-Tanning Mousse

6 oz. | Improve your skin’s overall radiance with this collagen- and caffeine-enriched moisturizing blend.

Enhancing Tan Extender

6 oz. | Make the fresh-off-the-beach feeling last using body moisturizer enhanced with a kiss of color.

Sulfate-Free Body Wash

6 oz. | Escape to paradise daily as you gently cleanse and hydrate skin without stripping away your sunless tan.

Self-Tanning Water

6 oz. | For a beautiful, natural-looking sunless tan that develops gradually over 4 to 6 hours.

Sunless Black Label Premier Collection®

If you’re obsessed with celeb-quality spray tanning, join the jet set—a sunless squad specially formulated with superior ingredients to achieve the very best results. You’ve got gorgeous glow goals. Legendary luminosity starts here.

Warming Facial Scrub

2.5 oz. | Unique warming complex plumps and invigorates skin, unveiling a gorgeously radiant, renewed complexion.

Renewing Body Scrub

10 oz. | Polish away skin impurities to create the ideal canvas for sunless tanning perfection.

Flawless Primer

8 oz./.7 oz. | Sumptuous blend hydrates skin, accelerates tan development and minimizes that sticky after-spray tan feeling.

Chic Facial Crème

1.5 oz. | Complexion perfecting, age defying and gradual tanning all in one ahh-mazing daily moisturizer.

Remarkable Refiner

1.75 oz. | This must-have effectively diminishes areas of DHA over-saturation, polishes a fresh tan and removes a fading one.

Radiant Extending Mousse

5.3 oz. | Unique, whipped mousse formula melts into the skin for luxurious yet lightweight hydration.

Perfect Bronzing Mist

6 oz. | All-over self-tanner goes beyond bronzing to refresh and invigorate skin with an innovative cooling complex.

Indulgent Body Wash

8.5 oz. | Gently cleanse, pamper and protect spray-tanned skin with this decadently hydrating and nourishing body wash.

Other Products


Take your tan to the next level.
These skincare enriched formulas provide amazing bronzing power with instant and delayed results for a next level, dark tanning experience.


Prolong the life of your tan.
Can’t stop, won’t stop. Nourish and hydrate skin daily with moisture and nutrient-rich products.


Enhance your tan in areas that need special attention.
Specialized blends deliver unique moisturizing benefits for the sensitive skin of the face and smoothing, shave-minimizers for legs.


Boost your tanning potential.
Tan maximizing formulas create rich, natural looking results, without added DHA or cosmetic bronzers.


Choose from options as unique as you.
From body blush to pollution protection and every crossover or organic in between.

Tan Accessories

Perfect your results with salon-quality tools.
Everything you need from self-tanner applicator mitts to sticky feet sole protectors.


Cause a skin sensation while you deepen your tan.
Take your pick from varying degrees of tingle for an immediate blushed glow and the deepest, darkest, fastest color possible.