Spray Tan Truths

Forget everything you may have heard or even experienced in the past. Here’s the naked truth about spray tanning today.

Orange Is Not an Option.

Nowadays spray tans are formulated to counter orange undertones. And, like many of today’s makeup foundations, your spray tan is customizable to match your skin and meet your #tangoals. If you’re new to spray tanning, you may consider starting with a lighter shade and building up with color-enhancing products. Talk to a Planet Tanning Consultant to help find the right color for you.

Break the Streak.

Unlike a self-tanner, which obviously relies on its owner to put it on correctly, a spray tan is applied by a perfectly calibrated system for a flawlessly even tan. Still, preparation and maintenance are critical. Exfoliate and shave before your spray tan, and make sure your moisturizer is designed for sunless tanning. Read our tips for what to do after your spray tan to make it last.

Gee, Your Tan Smells Terrific.

Today’s spray tans are formulated to virtually eliminate the smell commonly associated with them. But not all skin chemistry is the same--so if the smell bothers you, consider adding a scent to your spray tan. It’ll enhance the overall experience and you can be assured you’ll smell good, too.

It’s Only Natural.

DHA (dihydroxyacetone)--the active ingredient in all sunless tanners--is a colorless, natural, plant-derived compound that is eco-certified and FDA-approved since the 70s for external application. In accordance with the latest FDA guidelines, we provide protective eyewear, nose filters and lip balm. In addition, all spray tan systems self-clean immediately after every session.


If your spray tan doesn’t make you feel ALL OVER JOY, please let us know. We’ll work with you to make things right.