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Sunbed Pricing and Membership Options

We made it simple—join as a Premier Rewards™ member and get unlimited Bettytanning, not to mention free perks and rewards. It's the absolute best value if you want a year-round glow. We also have individual sessions available.

Planet Tan Premier

Get unlimited tanning for 1 monthly, auto-billed fee. Plus, get lots of free perks!

As a Planet Tan Premier Rewards member, you’ll earn exclusive tanning rewards every 3 months, plus get up to $100 in Premier Perks instantly when you join! Learn more about the rewards you earn or check out our membership options below to get started tanning now.

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Premier Memberships available for sunbed members:

  • SilverUnlimited Membership


    silver bed
    • Includes access to our stand up bed for an all-over even tan.
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  • GoldUnlimited Membership


    gold beds
    • Take your tan to the next level and darken your base melanin for deeper, more beautiful color
    • Premium beds darken skin in less time
    • Tan time of 10- to 15-minutes
    • Gold members also have unlimited access to Silver beds
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  • PlatinumUnlimited Membership


    platinum beds
    • For a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan
    • Luxurious features such as body contour acrylics, air conditioning, premium sound systems and much more
    • Tan time of 12- to 15-minutes
    • Platinum members also have unlimited access to Silver and Gold beds
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  • DiamondUnlimited Membership


    diamond beds
    • The ultimate tanning experience, with superior bronzing and the longest-lasting tan
    • Shorter tan time of 8 to 12 minutes
    • Additional options like aromatherapy, body misters, air conditioning and more
    • Diamond members have unlimited access to all the sunbed tanning levels Planet Tan has to offer, plus unlimited use of all Sunless Spray Tanning equipment.
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To find out more about your local salon’s membership and pricing, visit our salon locator.
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