Skin Care Overview

Love Your Skin to the Moon and Back

Want the best results possible? Don’t space on skin care — it’s a mission-critical part of tanning. At Planet Tan, we provide a wide variety of professional-grade products for both sunbed and sunless tanning that will make a world of difference to your skin.

Our exclusive Premier Collection® is designed to help you achieve darker, longer-lasting color while nourishing your skin. For every step of the tanning process, there’s a Premier Collection product that will knock you off your axis. (One small step in the tanning process, one giant product leap for tankind…)

Beyond our stellar skin care line, we also feature a wide variety of tanning and sunless products from popular brands including Australian Gold®, Designer Skin®, California Tan®, Swedish Beauty®, VersaSpa® and Mystic Tan.

Sunbed Skin Care

Spray Tan Skin Care